Friday, January 21, 2011

My affair with Black Books

I did have some good intentions to listen to my mindfulness CDs tonight but instead I got sidetracked into watching some more episodes of my fave Channel 4 UK comedy 'Black Books'.  I was introduced to this series by Chris J, a fellow member of the BBH, who has been told by his friends that he looks like the lead star, Dylan Moran (I did laugh at this cynically when he first told me but when I thought about it, the more I watched the show and the more time I spent with Chris, I have to agree!).  Most nights we would take control of the TV, laugh hysterically and send all the other "inmates" scuttling to their beds.  Great fun.  Anyway, the show is about a reluctant book shop owner - Bernard Black- who drinks and smokes incessantly, hates customers and only has two friends in the world - his assistant Manny and Fran, the lady who runs the 'Nifty Gifty' next door.  Do yourself a favour and watch it if you can (I think it is shown every now and then on ABC2).

Katie Howell and I have started a tug-of-war over Dylan Moran but have come to a compromise - I will have him 4 days a week and she will have him for the other 3.

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