Monday, January 24, 2011

My BIG mouth - thou shalt get me into BIG trouble!

Ooopss...that was a very close call - could have lost an extremely good friend and it would have all been because of my big mouth.  Well, not necessarily big but a truthful mouth.  You see, now that I am experiencing the full gamut of emotions - up, down, up, down - combined with my resolution to "be Tanya", I am no longer afraid to hold back what I really think.  Very dangerous to us all!  And an enormous risk that I may alienate people by saying so.

I am very lucky that this individual has come to know me quite well over the last 3 months or so and can possibly understand where I am coming from with this new and 'insightful' me.  So, for my friends and relatives out there reading this, BE WARNED.  I am not intentionally going out of my way to cause trouble but I need to be true to myself  and if that means that I ruffle a few feathers in the process then I am very, very sorry.   I will try my hardest not to upset anyone, or hurt their feelings, but in return I would really appreciate that you let me know if I have said or done the wrong thing and understand that it is" just a phase" I am going through.  A bit like puberty, I suppose.

My friend Kat, when I told her about "the situation", was quite blunt when she texted "You really should be more careful who you send msg's to!".  What I did was akin to drunk sms'ing, so not only was I telling someone how I really felt, but there was the risk of the message being 'lost in translation'. Lucky lucky there was no reading between the lines, which is something I always do with electronic communication - read something that isn't there, just because you get the "gist" of the message wrong.

Anyway, my friend (who shall remain nameless but he knows who he is) is still my friend and thank the heavens as he has been a really great friend - and still is.......

(NB: message posted 3.52pm Tuesday 25th January 2011)

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