Friday, January 21, 2011

"The Saturday Trap"

I think I hate Saturdays.  Can't put my finger on why.  Could it be that everyone is out enjoying themselves - playing sport, shopping, visiting friends and relatives - and I can't be bothered doing so?  Maybe.

Or it could be that I am so tired from the hectic week before that I fall into a heap of "I can't be bothered"?  Lately I have been SO busy.  Up and down to Melbourne at least twice a week (which will turn into three times a week in early Feb) and in and out of Geelong almost every day.  It is hard being so popular and wanted hahaha (as if?).

I suppose I should get used to being busy now that I am looking for work.  It has been nice (maybe not the right word, but many of you will get my drift) having this extended period of R & R but I like structure in my world and pottering around to my own devices does not cut it!  Having too much time means I tend to ruminate, then stress, about all sorts of things.  And then that leads to a good dose of self doubt.  And so on.  Definitely not ideal.  But that is where learning mindfulness will assist.  That and a good laugh.  I learnt the other day that there was some research undertaken where half a group were asked to frown for 10 minutes whilst the other half were made to forcibly smile (using pencils to pull their mouths into a smile) for the same period.  Those who smiled reported being less stressed and anxious and more happy.  And that is when they are forcing themselves!  Imagine the benefits of smiling naturally, or better still, laughing?

As part of my recovery, and my "happiness project" I am endeavouring to list my Twelve Commandments.  So far they are:
1.  Be Tanya.
I must aspire to be authentic and true to myself and to stop worrying about how others think of me (when I usually think the worst - part of my people pleaser complex!)
2.  Laugh every day
Thank goodness for social networking as my Facebook and Twitter friends are always a source of amusement.  In the BBH I was nicknamed "giggling Tanya" by one of the 'stayees', Edith.  We caught up again the other day and when I started laughing she said "I so missed your laugh, it always brightened everything up".  How sweet.  I have never really thought about what my laugh may do for others.  Anyway, like my previous post about Black Books, a good comedy always makes me feel better also.

NB:  Obviously the host of is in the U.S as they are a day behind - that is why it says this was posted on a Friday when really it is Saturday here in "Osstrayliaah" (as Oprah says!).

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