Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Why oh why oh why?

Have spent the most of today trying to get my head around all the accounts that I racked up (and continue to do so) following my stay in BBH.  Sure, I have private health insurance, top cover - with a large excess I may add -  but the bills still roll in.  What the?  Phone calls to Medicare, GMHBA, Healthscope Pathology, the Healthscope facility I was admitted to and keep visiting as part of my treatment...well, they are all going to add up too and who is going to have to pay that?  Yes, me.  My whinge for the day and I apologise.

But it did get me private insurance worth the huge financial outlay that we all seem to have?  Sure, I did get admitted pretty quickly once there was a bed available at BBH (less than a week after I said "please take me:") and for 35 of the 38 days I was there I had a lovely single room with a view (of the car park...but the Melbourne skyline was there and I could watch "The Edge @ Eureka Tower pop out every now and then!) but what about all the extras that aren't covered - blood tests, non-illness related medications, chocolate, soft drink, etc etc.

The big problem I am facing now, besides having to fork out my annual excess again (and so soon after the last one!) is trying to fit all my ongoing 'treatments' - I like that word rather than 'programs' - into my allowance.  And trying to work out the terminology!!!  What is the difference between a day program and a session, and why am I allowed double the number of day programs than sessions?  Doesn't make any sense AARRGGHH!!!  All I want to do is get better and not pay an arm and a leg for the privilege of being well.

If I went public, I would probably still be waiting for a bed, would probably have to share with 3 others -including the bathroom - and would probably be still unwell.  On the flip side, everything would have been covered my Medicare - including my continuing recovery.  But I would probably still be waiting on a public list, like I am currently doing for the pain management program at St Vincent's hospital.  My name went down in early December and was pretty much told not to hold my breath.

Anyway, today is day 72 (pure and serene) and 34 days since discharge.  Well on my way to a full recovery, as long as I remain vigilant, determined and supported.  It would just be nice to concentrate on getting better rather than all the associated "trimmings" of health care.  But that's life...

(posted 3.18pm Thurs 27/01/2011)

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